Looking at other double page spreads for research (Environmental Spread)

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I was looking at all 3 of these double page spread designs and i happened to notice that they all have a great use of white space and colour co-ordination as well as they all have good and different professional designs and they all have this in order to create a effective piece of work.

All of these double page spreads uses a simple grid layout.

The first one uses 5 columns as the main guideline, the second one uses 3 columns and the last one uses a little simple and confusing grid layout but by looking at it carefully, it looks like it uses around 6 colums due to the placement of the text.

when it comes to my design i think i would rather use a simple grid structure like the first 2 double page spreads so it would be easier for the audience to look at and easier for them to read especially when there are not a lot of writing on the pages because a lot of text that is all clumped together can be very hard to read sometimes.

Also i noticed that the first 2 double page spreads all have text that goes straight to the edge of the text box, instead of the last double page spread where the text is aligned normally and is not aligned so that the text is perfectly neat and doesn’t look too messy. But then that double page spread doesn’t have as much text as the other 2. So i think when it comes to a lot of text for my double page spread, i should align the text so its like a box of text, all neat and professional and when it comes to little text, i should only align it to the left.

I like the whole idea on the 3rd double page spread where the designer put one big image over the entire page with a contrasting text on it and i always think doing this looks professional and suits very well in magazines especially when the big image has effects on it like he has the greyscale effect on it. I also like the idea on the 2nd double page spread where there is a image straight in the middle of the page with text surrounding it and i think this is a cool but weird place to put an image in a spread because you don’t normally see it a lot in a professional magazine as everything is placed neatly and within a grid system.

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