Grid layout for final piece (Environmental Spread)

For my main and final double page spreads i used 6 columns. The reason i used 6 columns is because i wanted a decent amount of columns where its not too packed and not too plain and so with 6 columns i can do a variety of different types of lay outing and designing within the spread. I used a 2mm gutter in between each column so that i can have a gap between the objects that i will put in these columns. I wasn’t going to use a large gutter measurement because the objects i would have put in the double page spreads would be small and frankly it would have looked a bit unusual nor did i use a small measurement as i needed enough space between each column to make the pages easier to read for the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.45.21

I used a nice big background image for both of my double pages and there is a 12.5mm white space between the top and bottom edges of the paper and the main background image and the reason i did this is to give both the double page spreads an elegant effect. Also allowing there to be white space in the design is good because it can improve readability and that although it creates a professional, sophisticated and elegant effect, it can also give emphasis and allows the reader to focus on the object more.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.12.18For my final piece i rounded everything to the nearest 0.5mm and i did this in order to not have confusion in calculating how big certain objects not the design would be. But on Indesign I put a ruler guide every 10mm and a small 2mm gutter where possibly i would like an object to be. From doing this i wanted a bigger image onto of all of the other images so i put space for a 55mm x 175mm image then a 2mm gutter and after that i wanted a 35mm space for where i can put several images on and before that space i put another 2mm gutter and 35mm space for additional images to be placed. After doing all the measurements, i felt it was best to centre all of the spaces so that i have the equal amount of leftover space above and below where the images/text will be placed and that left me with around 20-21.5mm room left on both vertical sides.

I decided it was also better to stretch the background image all the way to the page’s edge but only on the horizontal edge as i thought it looks a bit weird with white space on all sides.

I also considered the possibility of not having a background image and instead have white space but as it was about the environment i figured it would be more sensible with putting more images than text in both the double page spreads.


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