Our Environment (Environment Spread)

Normally when people say ‘Environment’, they mainly think of climate change or the natural world as you see it, and they are not wrong, the environment is all around us.

But when I think of the environment I normally think of what we all see everyday when we do our activities or when we do something out in the environment and that is everywhere we go we see houses and homes and i think that using this as a scenario for my environmental spread would be the perfect idea to work on along side the shopping centre that helps us live within the houses that people have bought. To have a life with ease.

So what i did is i got in a friend’s car and i started taking pictures of bunch of houses with the motion blur effect on to create a nice effect focusing on what matters and i took a picture of the shopping centre closest to where i live to show the importance of what we have around us. To make a living with the people we trust and love. Food, water, shelter and even jobs. Its all Life. Its Our Environment that puts a massive impact on all of us especially that we live in. Certain aspects of different types of environments and although each environment is different, they all hold a key point, they all hold life and beauty.

Anyone can help the environment and by doing so, all anyone has to do is do their role of living a healthy and beautiful life and thats where im getting the idea of the pictures of the homes and house as it holds the key beauty of safety, entertainment, love and an adventure.

The Medway Towns is full of exciting scenery including the vast development on the environment around the area. Medway is full of different sorts of wildlife including a large amounts of woodland in all of the towns as well as Medway is full of different sorts of houses and homes that is provided, from semi-detached houses to Bungalows. Although you can get around the towns easily, there are surprisingly a lot of nature around to look at including a large amount of farms planted in the country side of medway. Also there are a lot of entertainment throughout medway including the classic structure of pubs along the main high streets. Their classic building structure gives the town a more traditional look and feel.

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