Motion Blur Effect (Environment Spread)

18240389468_eae91116d1_b How-Mastering-Motion-Blur-Can-Make-You-a-Better-Photographer-Photo-By Pete mabpfyimotion-blur-photography5 Motion_blur.pan_walk1a motion-blur4

Here are some image i looked at on-line of where the photographer either edited the image in Photoshop with the motion blur plugin or take a picture while moving.

The Main reason for why i am looking at the motion blur effect is that initially all of my pictures will be taken when on public transport and that i will be taking pictures while travelling in the vehicle and when i do this, there will be some sort of motion blur on parts of the scenery in the image.

I think motion blur is a great tool especially that you can make the image focus on a specific object in the image and around that object would have a blur around it so that the audience focuses on what’s important.

Although i could potentially just edit the image to look like im on some sort of moving object. but i will be editing the pictures so that the the motion blur will block out the stuff that i do not want to concentrate on and has the main object that i want to focus on, it will have a great amount of detail compared to around the image and this is a great effect that i would love to use in my photography and work.

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