Some ideas i am thinking of right now (Environment Spread)

I am thinking of going with the theme of winter and what its effects has on all of us like for example i could take pictures of:

Snow – Its nice to look at and it creates a great view but it is cold and makes the road all slippery and hard for people to drive on. Also snow is full of fun as people enjoy having snow ball fights and making snowmen.


Condensation – Condensation on the windows and mirrors is a common thing in winter time where an person goes in a car and around the person, the windows start to steam up and is hard to see through.


Cold – Winter is especially cold and one common thing we tend to see when its cold is frost and water vapour coming out of someone’s mouth when they breath out in the cold.


ice – ice is dangerous but sometimes ice can create a beautiful silky look with different sorts of mysterious colours.


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