Grid Layout Research (Environment Spread)

Here are some examples of Grid layouts:

grid-example Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 9.13.46 AM jung1 100304548667_3fsMNz4A_l

Some grid layouts for magazines are confusing and normally don’t use up all the grids that they used so then this makes a wide amount of blank space and it makes the layout look weird. But then there are simple and more effective grid layouts where there is only like 2 or 3 columns a page or the first page is just one big picture and the second page has all the text.

When looking at these 4 different layouts, i have came to the conclusion of that simple layouts is better and simple layouts is pretty much made out of 2-4 columns per page instead of 5+ as this makes the design a bit weird and it could ruin the layout of the magazine itself.

Out of the 4 layouts, i prefer this one:


And the reason for this is because the layout is very simple and by this i mean that there is 3 long columns for where the text is to go without any separation of rows and on the first page there is a image of pretty much what the text is about and when it comes to my grid layout and design for my double page spreads, i would like to keep them clean and simple so this is what my style and layout will be like.


This layout compared to the others is completely different and is made up of a lot of grids/columns. I don’t like this layout at all and the reason is because it doesn’t look neat and i think for a magazine layout, it is meant to be simple and easy to read instead of complicated and fancy. Although a magazine is meant to look nice on the outside and the inside but i believe keeping to a simple grid layout would be best for the audience as they are reading the text not looking at the design to see if it looks good or not.


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