A New assignment (Environment Spread)

I have been assigned a new assignment where i have to design 2 double page spreads for a fictional magazine called ‘Photography Now’ in adobe in-design and in the process of this 4 week assignment, i have to take at least 20 pictures of the environment which could be the whether, my room, buildings or pretty much anything around us that creates the environment we live in. Also i have to write up 200 to 400 words about my personal justification of how i approached my photography.

Aims of this assessment:

In this project i am to consider editorial design, looking especially at the combinations of image and typography. I am to spend time looking at grids and how they are used to underpin the layouts of pages for magazines and books. I am to take a series of photographs that fit the topic ‘Environment’. How i choose to interpret this word is up to me. it may be that i can make a series of images specifically about a particular environment or space, such as a room or home; or it may be about The Environment, including wether or issues of ecology. I am to present in my sketch book at least 20 photographs.


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