My Proposal For Design Factory (so far)

For my project i had to come up with an concept idea for Design Factory that would bring a certain experience and emotion to the user when they use the item. Therefore i have come up with the idea of a pair of glasses that can see invisible/embedded ink on each page for certain made books and pretty much the way the glasses work is that When the user puts down a coloured filtered lens from an extension, a different side of a story or picture will be revealed on the book and this is the same with each coloured filter that will be provided to the user. The user will have to use all of the coloured lens provided on every page on the book so that the user will keep enjoy reading it.The whole idea of this concept is to make the user feel connected more with reading books and the reason I came up with this idea and why I think it is good is because that it is quite boring to read a full book for most people especially children so with this idea, people at all ages can focus a lot more when reading books. Also i think people would be drawn to read these type of books that involves these specific glasses as its like an adventure seeking out hidden messages in a book.

The target audience for this idea is very wide, but it is mainly aimed at adults. The reason for this is because adults are more mature and are more likely to read books than kids but then kids dont normally read long books as they get distracted more than adults.

Furthermore, the glasses for the kids will be made out of cheap plastic as kids have a habit of breaking things and for the adults, the glasses is going to be made out of Cheap metal for a more sensible and professional look. The glasses will come with the books or the audience can buy it online or in store by itself and the cost for the glasses in general will be £8 and for the special made books specifically for the glasses will cost between £3-£8 depending on the size and what the book is about but if u buy it together, you can save up to £5 and it will cost you £10 for the pair of glasses and a book.

In conclusion, my glasses is a pair of glasses that sees invisible ink on the special made books and it is an idea that will help people from all ages focus and enjoy reading books more as well as making the books more interesting in general and the good side of these glasses is that people will be good at reading as well as it could count to improving their education.


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