Some little points about the design (Design factory)

The reasons why i made the glasses look like what it is, is because it looks professional and it makes the user look like a mystery solver and that the glasses look like something you get out of opticians which a lot of people find a fun experience especially to where these special and amazing glasses so i designed the glasses to look like something from that scene so some people would feel like that they are back in the opticians but reading their own book with secrets involved. I am pretty much trying to act out a experience that someone would have had in the past and this could bring a emotion to them when they use the product. although they will be using the product like the opticians glasses, the glasses in general will be completely different and the reason for this is because instead of using blurred and different types of lens, you are using special lens just like 3d glasses but glasses that can see invisible ink.

When i typed in on google “kids glasses” it came up with multiple pictures of different childish and cute glasses and this is pretty much how i got my design up and running for the kids glasses frame design and i did this the same with the adults glasses except adults glasses are more thin and more professional than thick and chancy and made out of plastic.

Kids glasses:

images 476934643_662

Adults glasses:

WMU_549650_Costume_Accessory_Harry_Potter_Wire_Glasses images-1


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