How i could potentially advertise this product (Design Factory)

There are multiple ways for me to advertise a product like this (a book with a surprise in it) and I’ve came to the conclusion that i would advertise it in a lot of ways.

For example:

I would advertise this product on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and this is because they are all  well known and visited sites online and i would think that i could have a better chance of getting more sales by promoting the product on these type of sites as well as Facebook has a promoting feature where if i were to promote a product, i can choose the specific audience that i want the advertisement tailored to. Also creating a blog or getting well known blogs that talk about books could do a review on the product which is another way for cheap advertising. Although if i am going to promote this product on social media sites like Facebook, it is known that 83% of people that see the advertisement being shown, actually ignore it which could be a problem but thats why i have to make the advertisement eye-catching and interesting.

I would also use google ads to promote my product as it is a very cheap and a great way to promote any product/website as Google is still the largest search engine worldwide. Although google ads is measurable, flexible and cheap-ish, using this method would imply that i would need to maintain a website in order to use this advertisement technique but as its just a product and not a website, i wouldn’t use this technique.

Another option that i consider was to use billboards as a advertisement tool and the reason for this is because a lot of people could potentially walk, drive and wait by a billboard that would have my product on and if the advertisement is eye-catching, i could potentially get some people that might be interested in the product. depending on the size and placement of the billboard, the price however will be different but on average it would cost £300 a month to maintain this billboard in action. the only problem with billboards is that although people do look at them and even if they like them, eventually they will just forget about it during the day and so therefore, thats why the advertisement has to be appealing in all directions as well as eye-catching to the audience.

Even advertising on television is a option and on book shops website’s as well as on store windows.

Also if i wanted to advertise a little bit more, i could put it on sites like amazon and Ebay and put the product on offer to draw more customers in but other than that, advertising on these websites could help with selling the product to more customers especially as Amazon has this technique where if the user buys something on the site, on their next visit on the site, Amazon would advertise specific products to them that they might be interested in so applying for this advertisement technique may be a good way to get selling more.

Another advertising technique that i could look into is cross promotion and this is pretty much where i could Team up with other companies to sell my product and this is an ideal way to expand my audience. i could Find businesses promoting products or services that is relevant to my product/company’s offerings and initiate cross-promotion deals. As well as the major good point about this technique is that a well-planned cross promotion campaign could save both parties a lot of money dollars.

An example of a advertisement for my product that i could imply could be something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.42.22

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.59.03


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