Placement of glasses on the book (Design Factory)

Ive decided that for the placement on the glasses on each kids and adult book, the bottom on the page would be the most ideal place for the glasses to go. i decided this by looking at other types of books that have this sort of style (something that comes with the book in a see-through plastic conpartment on the cover of the book). I also tried different places where i could potentially put the glasses but looking at other books and looking at many designs, it seems like the top half of the book has the main design and that the bottom half has hardly any type of design so i figured that at the bottom would be a ideal place to put the compartment and even if the compartment is in the way of the design of the book, if you take the case off, you can still see the design except there will be a little hole in the book from where the glasses is placed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 13.37.04


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