Factors to think about with my design (Design Factory)

When designing these glasses for the kids i would need to think about what a kid would potentially do with these glasses like chew them so to make sure that these glasses are safe i chose non-toxic plastic as the main material and i would need to make sure that everything on the glasses is not sharp and protected so that the kids would not be in harms way.

Also when designing these glasses in general, i would need to think about the size of the glasses and how its going to fit on the user’s ears as everyone’s head size is different so i would need to add a extension on the glasses so that the user can adjust the glasses to their own comfort so that it can fit on their ears perfectly and  so it doesn’t fall off all the time or if its too tight or not.

I also have to think about the age limit for the kids as some kids may not know what this is or what to do with it so it can defeat the point of having this product for that certain age so i would make the age limit for 7+. The reason for this is because this is the age group in life where kids start to read and making the experience fun for them would be a beneficial factor as the main reason for these glasses is to have fun while reading so its educational for all ages.

The price for all kids books including the glasses that is with the book would be around £6 as it can be time-consuming and costly to make the glasses as well as the invisible text on the page that you can only it with the glasses on.

Also another point with the invisible pictures/ink on the pages, i would need to think about whether the ink on the page is poisonous especially if a kid goes round biting the pages and stuff like that.

As well as i would need to think about the amount of time while the user is using these glasses as using 3d glasses can hurt your eyes so the user would need to use a maximum time of 2 hours a time while using the glasses and it could cause headaches for the children as it is something new to them where the adults can adjust to these glasses quicker than the kids but i would still recommend on using them for around 2 hours at a time max just to be on the safe side.

As these glasses could be thrown around by kids or gets dropped on accident and it could break, i would potentially make sure that the material used is reinforced and that every component on the glasses is properly fixed in its position so that there is a unlikely chance that the glasses could break.

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