A look at some of the pictures i took in the Design Museum (Design Factory)

When i was in the design museum, the one thing that caught my eye was the quotations that was surrounding on the walls. All of these quotes all got to me when i was reading them and they were all inspirational and had a great meaning to design in general.

I think the museum put these quotes up on the wall to tell us that design is everywhere and that we could get a better idea of what different type of innovative designs there are and the process of coming up with those ideas as well as the thought process of coming up with the final ideas saying that without fail, there is no success.

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Also at the design museum, another part of the exhibition that caught my eye was the war part. This exhibition was all about the contrast betokening healing a person from something that happened in the battle and killing someone in the battle, although they both have a significant meaning that battles and wars all have hatred in them and its a nasty place to be in as well as people are risking their lives to fix something that is in the wrong.

The effect of the communication that i get from looking at these images is to make us feel for the people who are out in war risking their lives for us and to make us think that violence is not the option as both sides will lose something and it is not worth it.

These objects tells us that the designer obviously had some connections with being in war or something that is close to them being in war and lost a part of them inside.

Also the whole black and white scene with the two images applies a more depressing, sad type effect onto them to make people believe more as well as to make the images get to the audience on a emotional level.

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