Some little key points/ideas (Design Factory)

(Just some little ideas/points)

  • The black text could be laced with a colour that only a certain coloured filter could see so when you use the glasses, you could see a image made out of text.
  • For different aged books will contain different styled glasses. For children, the glasses will mainly be made out of plastic and have a childish graphic on the side of the glasses, and for adults the glasses could be made out of cheap metal with a more clean and professional look on the frame on the glasses.
  • The glasses could contain the feature chromatic aberration on the lenses to make the image look 3D.
  • With the books, there will be normal text on the page and when you use the different coloured filters, you see images that represents that individual page and when you use different coloured lens, a story of images may appear.
  • Another little idea i had with this idea is that i could use UV light to show hidden messages that are on the page.

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