Design Factory (second Idea)

Another idea that i had was pretty much a funny board game where you pick a random activity card and there are underlined words in the sentences and those words are in brackets and they tell you what next type of card you need to pick up. The words in brackets says either: Verbs, adjectives etc. and then the user picks up the card and then the person’s turn will have to perform this activity. This would be a great game to play while recording and putting it onto YouTube or something like that as it could be entertaining to watch. Each player would need to do the role of each sentence card and then the players has to vote for the funniest or your favourite act and then the winner keeps the card and that gets that user a point. I think this is a good idea because this board game gets the users involved immediately and while doing so you could have a fun time with family or friends. Also with some of the answers that would be provided, the game would be more suitable for teenagers and adults. Although there could be some flaws in this game, I personally think that this idea could go somewhere.

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