Book Cover Research (front cover)

Here is some book cover designs that i thought suited well with the designs on the front cover.


This front cover is perfect. It is simple and clean and by just looking at the title of the book, people would know what it is as it is a famous title. the colours used within this front cover design gives it a retro look. All together i think this works for a front cover design for a simple book.


This is a weird and interesting front cover design for a book cover. By just looking at it, i really don’t know what it is about but it give me the urge to read the book to find out what its about. The colours used in the design is bright and retro. Overall this design works and the text used is perfect (big, bold, colourful)


I like the way the designer only used 3 main colours in this design and this colours scheme works well for a good, simple and interesting book cover design. The serif font as well as colour used for the title of the book works well with the colour scheme that is used. This design is easy to read and i am personally curious of what this book is about and therefore i want to read it so i guess this design of the front cover was successful.


i like this front cover design and i can say that by just looking at this front cover design, this book is mainly for kids as the drawings of the penguins portray that it is a bit childish. The main title of the design is elegant and suits well for a nice retro, clean and child-like effect to the book design as well as the box that the text is in looks classic so its a guess to say that this is a classy book for children. Overall, i think this design is nice and is successful for kids.


I really like this design especially by the way the designer used and presented the text. I thought it was simple and easy to read as well as the changes of the font really brought the design of the book out a bit more.

penguin4Overall all of these book designs work for their purpose and i think that for my design i will most likely do something quick and simple so its easy to read and engages the audience in the way the book theme is meant to.


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