Final double page spread design

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.48.06

Here is my last and final design for the double page spread for the creative review magazine moduel.

From the previous design i decided to change the layout a bit by adding a image at the top of the page with all of the writing in 3 columns and that i added in a quotation box of a quote that many people in the subculture said when interviewed and i clipped it in a box around the text so people would know that it is a quotation and that it is an important quote. The text colour is black and pink and i used the 2 colour text idea so that it can highlight the important information as well as to keep the design nice and clean as well as keeping it original. i applied a drop shadow on the main text and the images so that they don’t look that plain and boring and not stand out. i chose to keep the background plain white because when i applied other colours in the background, i personally thought that it ruined the design in general. Although the white background was a bit too plain so i added some cogs and gears in the background with low opacity on it.

Overal i think this design is successful and clean.


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