Creative Review front cover design research


creative review design2

creative review design3


Design 1.2

When looking at other designs for the front cover design for the creative review magazine, i see that they are all unique in there very own way. All the designs are completely different like sometimes there are vector designs, conceptional designs, photography designs and even fine art designs.

Sometimes with these designs on the creative review front cover, they tend to have different elements with the creative review title on top of the magazine like sometimes the design overlaps the text and sometimes the title has a drop shadow on the main design, this is a clear example of that every design is unique.

When looking at these designs i noticed that there is always a key colour scheme that the designs use as well as when looking at these designs i also noticed that the title magazine (Creative Review) is all the same in most of the designs and is only changed rarely depending on the colours that is used in the design.

 The vector designs above gave me the inspiration to have a go at creating and designing my own vector character. Also when looking at the vector designs, I’ve noticed that the background colour is normally either white or another dark colour that is used within the design. One of the designs has a large letter in the background with low opacity on it and that gave me a idea to stick something that is to do with my design in a way in the background of the main design.

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