Subculture Creative Review Final cover design

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.14.19

Here is my final design piece for the creative review magazine subculture module. The reason i chose to use these dark colours in the background is because it suited the main vector image instead of bright colours as it set the mood off the initial idea of steampunk – To make it look mysterious. Steampunk is a subculture that is mainly based around the victorian times as well as bringing in a bit of retro-futuristic into play, and thats where the text i applied comes in. I used this text as it looks like it was made in the victorian times and it suits the subculture in general. I also skewed and made the text 3d so that it brings more volume and interest into the final design

Also i added in cogs and gears in the background to make it look like the subculture more as people in the subculture are based around customising their own personal items in which other words they use is that they ‘Steampunk’d their personal items. People has “steampunk’d” everything from computers, desks, telephone, watches and guitars to cars, motorcycles, and whole houses. These objects can vary from a grungy look of a forgotten antique to the shiny overwrought newness of a Victorian gentleman’s club. Think brass and copper, glass and polished wood, engraving and etching, and details for the sake of details.

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