My Subculture Creative Review double page spread so far

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.51.44

Here is my design for the double page spread for the creative review magazine. For the first page (right hand side) i used and covered a image to do with steampunk throughout the entire page as well as i used a dark green font that is big and is a serif and i did this because it suited the style of the spread. with the text below it, i highlighted the main text that should be read and the idea of this would to be eye-catching. Also with the image, i filtered the background and everything else in the image except the guy in the clothes to be in black and white and the reason i did this was to create an effect that people would focus mainly on the clothes worn as it is unique. i also wanted to show a contrast that the steam trains was and is old and that the clothes the guy is wearing is bringing in retro-futuristic.

Now moving onto the second page (Left hand side). i used a white background and black text as i thought it would be great in contrast of the first page so it would stand out a bit more than other pages in the creative review magazine. But i used some cogs and gears with a low opacity in the background so that the background doesn’t look that dull and that these cogs and gears also fits the subculture in general. I put all the text into 3 big columns and that i used another text box for a specific quote that someone and most people said about the subculture. i also placed some images around the page to help people notify what the text is taking about and that i involved a bit image at the top to cover some of the white background that was left behind.


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