Looking into 2 Colour differential (Research)

I really like the idea of separating 2 colours for example using 2 colours like black and white where you use a black ground and above the black background will be white text and with the white background above it will be black text. in my final piece for my postcards i will attempt to make a postcard that involves colour differential but with more old fashioned colours like a rusty orange and yellow. i think that this style is clean and is very eye-catching as well as it makes the design more interesting to look at.

Here are 2 examples that i found clean and easy to read as well as i found them very inspiring:



Here is an example i did with the 2 colour differential idea. Im liking this style of design so far and i think i could get a great final piece and more ideas out of this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.42.41


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