History of Type (Retro/Vintage)

One of my favourite type in the past in is the vintage/retro times between the 1960s-1980s where most of the type itself was starting to develop freely and more openly with creativity and the ability to express yourself on type. Retro/vintage type as been with us for some time now and we still use this style as it brings a great nostalgic feeling to most people as people grew up with this type in their lives but nowadays, this style have been dying down a little due to the fact that people prefer the modern type instead of the good old fashioned vintage type. However, nowadays you get some designers coming up with more and new vintage/retro styled type and using it to advertise their products as well as their company in general and an example of this is the ‘hard rock cafe’ which have been here for a long while and had a great impact of their business as their vintage/retro logo/branding still attracts more and new people.

When looking at the different types of retro/vintage styles in the past, i have gained inspiration over the more colourful and unique retro type. Also when looking at these retro type, i have came to notice that most of them are nearly the same as they all have the same style in using circles and strokes in their design and that most of the designs have custom made ribbons on them to indicate either the date the product/business started or the name as well as i have noticed that most of the text is nearly the same as well (chunky, free and expressive).






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