Postcard Final Piece idea

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 16.41.26

Here is one of my final piece ideas that i have came up with. The reason why i lowered the opacity and faded the word ‘Bembo’ in this design is that i want to mainly put the attention to the middle of the postcard where the letter ‘B’. This was inspired by Roman Letter Geometry where they use circles and lines to sum up what the letter is made out of. Also the reason why i chose purple as the main colour is that purple is a colour that is dull as well as eye-catching at the same time and i thought it summed up what the typeface is about. I really like this idea as it is clean and simple and easy to read but to improve this, i might need to change the colour so it looks a bit more old fashioned as well as exciting and eye-catching. From this idea, i will develop more and different ideas to create something that is creative and original.


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