Halloween task

during the week off university, i had to come up and think of 50 different food that would be disgusting to eat and here is what i cam up with:

52 disgusting food:

Worm Soup
Worm jelly
snail platter
frog skin
frog leg stew
Finger and chips
Baked Human Hand
Intestines noodles
Jell-o blood worms
Human skin pancake
Human torso appetizer
Brain cupcakes
Brain stew
Cat poop fudge
Brain cocktail
Frog Cocktail
Blood fondue
Stuffed roaches
earwax on a swab
Black bat wings
worms in dirt
rotten salad
jell-o heart
squid pie
tentacle pot pie
head cake
eyeballs in bolongase
spiders in sauce
Foot meatloaf
worm sandwich
frog sandwich
kangaroo testicals
Hand burgers
hotdog fingers
Eyeball eggs
spider eggs
raw chicken egg
dirt cake
puke pancake
cat litter cake
sheep’s intestines
Pig’s feet
snake stew
snake skin pancake
rats tail
rabbit dropping stew
bat dropping sauce
dried roach dip
pigs lungs
sheeps liver
spider juice

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