Typographic Walk Poster Final Piece

Here is my final piece for the typographic walk poster for graphic design.

The reason i picked this poster idea for my final piece is that i thought it matched all of my requirements in to attract young designers to attend this venue. The poster is clean, simple, easy to read, different and colourful! With this poster design i especially like the way i put the image in the background with a simple light blur so that the audience would mainly focus on the bright text in front and that i also like the wallpaper i created at the bottom of the poster and this was inspired by cubism and the way i created it was with creating triangles and then putting 4 triangles together and change the colour of each one to create a nice abstractive wallpaper. i think that the wallpaper bit at the bottom wasn’t really necessary but i thought that it would eye-catching to the audience as well as i like how i applied a inner shadow and removed most of the wallpaper with a paint splatter brush which created a nice effect like the images i took are dripping off the paper. i used Bebas Neue as the main typeface because it is chunky, simple and clean as well as it was well suited to use for the main text. i don’t think making the “further information” text the same size as the “along the strand” text was a good idea as it would persuade the audience to focus on the website than the main text of what the poster is portraying. Another part of the poster that i liked was the way i spaced out all the text in paralle of the 2 white lines and i thought this was a good idea because you normally don’t see posters do that and i thought it was clean and more eye-catching. with this poster design i did try to change the colours of the text and wallpaper to try to make it stand out more but red was more eye-catching than other colours.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.56.35


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