Listening to something different (Other people’s music)

This is just a little exercise that was set from my graphic design tutor and what we had to do is put 2 songs on a paper that you would give to someone else in the class and you would have to give them 1 song that you think they may like and another song that is different and something you think they might hate. Then we shuffled all of the students chosen songs which was printed on A4 paper and everyone got someone else’s songs and not knowing whose songs we got we had to listen to them and share our feeling to the class on what we thought about the music we got and here are the songs i got.

First song:     The xx – Intro

This music for me was chill and i really liked it although it is in a genre that i am very fond of, its nice to listen to other artists that you haven’t heard of before. When first listening to this song, all i can say is that i really enjoyed it and i am now very fond of the artist and have been listening to the artist all week.

(Nice chill beat which no singing at all!)

Second song:      Weird Al – Word Crimes

I like this type of music, where someone manipulates and plays with the words with a specific song. Ive listened to this type of music before and all i can say is that i really enjoy these types of music and edits to music as i find it funny to listen to. My feelings to this song is the same as the first song.

(Funny lyrics, sounds the same as the original song!)

I enjoyed both of these songs and i must say that i have been listening to these artists for the past week.

Hopefully other people will enjoy the songs that i gave them which was:

Electus – Revalation (Chillstep)

Breakdown of Sanity – The Gift (Hardcore, Metalcore) – Good luck to the person who gets to listen to this!


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