Creative Adverts

In class the other day, i was shown several different adverts that i personally think were all creative and UNIQUE. The first advert was a water advert on the road which this was called reserve design which i thought was cool and this is where the designer is using the dirt on the pavement/floor to create the advert with water, i also thought this was better than the usual graffiti that you get nowadays. The next advert was to do with recycled instruments and this was about using recycled objects that people though were just junk and worthless to create individual musical instruments and i thought it was something different than you see everyday. Finally, the last advert was about a a phone advert and this advert was very unique as the designers had created a stairway for a ball to go down while creating specific tune in the woods for the advert and the advert was completely relevant with the phone because back of the phone was created with wood and i thought this advert was amazing and very uniquely made.


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