Poster Research

Here is the Type Tour Poster research that i came up with! Each of these have inspired my taste in design from creativity to colourful and simple structure.

I really like this poster as it is simple and clean as well as it is creativity with the fluid dripping from the building. Although the type is small and is hard to read, i think the designer meant to do that so that we could try to focus on the inspiring, eye catching manipulation of the building.


I like this image because it is new and fresh as well as it is very colourful. I also like the idea that the designer did with the butterfly wings on a human being and this all collaborates with part of the title of the poster “Beautiful” which this indicates that butterflies are beautiful. This is very inspiring as when i look at this poster, it makes me want to create something like this.


I like this poster because its simple and shows the audience easily on whats coming soon. i also like the idea where the title of the poster is half hidden as the title is called “Hidden Truth”.

Christina_Koehn-Hidden Truth Typography Poster

Here is a poster that i truly like and inspired by. I like the way how all the text is all at an angle with rectangles and different patterns that are engraved in them as well as i like the bright colours and the gradients in the text. Overall i think this poster is brilliant and i think it works for what it is advertising.


I like the creativity in this poster, although its not as creative as others but i like the way how the designer got a image image of a umbrella and transformed it into a tap and sink which is perfect for the representation of the poster (To save water). I think the colours and style used in this poster was used perfectly and I’m inspired by this poster.


I really like the way this poster is made especially with sherlock Holmes in the background like watching over the city of London as well as i think the text used suits the history of the poster.


All i can say about this poster is that it is very “Unique”. Its unique because it is completely different to a lot of poster as in this poster the explosion is full of brightness and colours where as most posters will make explosions dark, gloomy and depressing.


I like the idea of this poster with all the imagination thought through to make it. I think the name of the poster suits very well in the design implemented in this poster and this has inspired me to do something like this.


Krush Proof Fridays Poster

Newport Beach Film Festival

Saab Vs Cubism




Volunteer Wildfire service_WILDFIRES-BURN-MORE-THAN-TREES


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