Why Research is IMPORTANT!

There are many different types of research that would be involved in creating a product which includes: the photos that you take, the different styles/techniques that you liked, facts which you can prove and disapprove, looking at other products in the same area as yours and even the audience.

Research is really important for many reason for example a reason why you should do research for any project is that when you show people the research, then they would be able to get a clear understanding where you got your ideas and inspiration from. without research involved within your project, then you would find it really difficult to get amazing, new and better ideas than what you would have had. Also you would need to use research in order to learn more from your target audience of the product and if you don’t do this then your product will not be successful as it would be with a specific audience to abide to.

One technique that could be used to talk about your research is PMI: Plus, Minus, Interesting.


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